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Students & Staff

Graduate Students:

Debomitra Dey Current Ph.D. Student. Expected graduation Fall of 2021
Project: Fiber and Starch Polymer interactions: A Fundamental Approach to Improving the Quality of High Fiber Extruded Consumer Products

Pichmony Ek
Current Ph.D. Student: Expected date of graduation December 2020
Project: Molecular Interactions Between Fiber and Starch Biopolymers during Extrusion Expansion

Kejia Gu Current Ph.D. student: Expected graduation December 2021.
Project: Food Safety and Extrusion Processing

Julianne Kummer Current Master’s Student – Expected date of graduation December 2020
Project: Effectiveness of surfactants in enhancing the efficacy of the antimicrobials

Jana Richter, Current Ph.D. Student. Expected date of graduation: December 2022. Project: Interaction between fiber and starch during extrusion processing

Lovepreet Singh Current Master’s Student – The expected date of graduation is December 2020.
Project: Effect of Direct Steam Injection and pH change on the functionality of milk protein concentrate powders.

Irene Rangira Current Master’s graduate student.  Expected graduation date of Spring of 2020
Project: Extrusion Processing of Fractionated Pea Ingredients


Nicole Aluwi, MS – Graduated: May 2016, Current Position: Scientist, Lundberg Family Farms, Chico, CA

Nancy D. Asen, MS – Graduated: May 2017, Current Position: Graduate Student, Canada

Gaurav Dhumal, MS – Graduated: December 2017, Current Position: Extrusion Scientist, Chew Innovation, Boston, MA

Sravya Kallu, MS – Graduated: August 2015, Current Position: Product Development Scientist, Beyond Meat, Los Angeles, CA

Ryan Kowalski, Ph.D – Graduated: May 2017, Current Position: Research Associate, Ingredion Inc., Bridgewater, NJ

Chongjun Li, MS – Graduated: May 2016, Current Position: Product Development Scientist, Lucks Food Decorating Co., Tukwilla, WA

Maria Dian Pratiwi Masli, MS – Graduated: May 2017, Current Position: Product Development Scientist, Jakarata, Indonesia

Trent Millin, MS – Graduated: July 2014, Current Position: Product Development/QA Manager, Valley Processing Inc., Sunnyside, WA

Siyuan Wang, Ph.D – Graduated: December 2017, Current Position: LSG Sky Chefs-BWI Quality Assurance Supervisor

Yujing Zhu, MS Graduated Spring 2019

Cathy Blood
Cathy Blood
Events Coordinator
Gu, Bon-Jae
Bon-Jae Gu, Ph.D.
Post Doctorate
Research Topic
: Extrusion Processing of Plant Based Meats.

Ewa Pietrysiak

Post Doctorate: 2020-2022
Strategies to Reduce Microbial Loads on Apples in Fresh Packing Process

Laboratory Alumni:

Elvis Baidoo, MS – Project: Extrusion Processing Characterization of Quinoa Varieties
Nattapon Kaisangsri – Exchange Ph. D. Student from Thailand
Peter Gray – Technical Staff – Retired
Ilce ‘Gaby’ Medina-Meza – Post Doctorate 2014-2016 Research Topic: Thermal Processing of Foods. Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Bhim Thapa – Lab Technician
Isuru Wijesekara – Post Doctorate 2014-2015. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

Current Undergraduate Students:

Natalie Deland, Summer 2019. Senior. Food Science, WSU
Luuvan Hoang, Summer of 2019, Junior, Food Science, WSU
Marina Ikuse. Summer 2019. Sophomore. Food Science, WSU
Ivy Klopher. Summer 2018 to date. Senior. Food Science, WSU
James lawrence, Sumber of 2019 to date, Senior, Food Science, WSU.
Preston Watanabe. Fall 2017 to date. Junior. Food Science, WSU

Undergraduate Student Alumni:

John Johnson. 2018. Food Science, WSU
Serena Ranney. 2018. Food Science, WSU
Jacob Hause. 2018. Food Science, WSU
Greg Housley. Summer 2018. Food Science, WSU
Victoria Wilk. Summber 2017. Pre-med, Vassar College
Arjun Dangi. Summer 2017. Mechanical Engineering, WSU
Henry Campbell. 2017. Food Science, WSU
Puspita Hamijoyo, 2017. Food Science, WSU
Arianne W. Kreger.  2017. Food Science, WSU
Oscar R. Ulloa. 2017. Food Science, WSU
Kristen Sparkman.  2016. Food Science, WSU
Chongjun Li. 2015. Food Science, WSU
Jacob Blaylock. 2015. Food Science, WSU.
Lyssa Blood. 2018. Electrical Engineering, Gonzaga University.
Cristen Frieszell. 2019. Food Science, WSU.
Christopher Kerr. 2019 School of Chemical Engineering, WSU.
Katy Lobeda. Summer 2018. Junior. Food Science, Virginia Tech.
Rebeca Velasquz Morales.  2019, WSU